The Panther Prowl

Students take on finals as summer break approaches

Samual R. Kupiec, Staff Reporter

June 13, 2019

        The end of the school year is upon us, but before everyone heads for the beach, there is one more thing to do—finals. The past nine months have all built up to this final assessment to determine our spot on the totem pole. Some students are anxious for every exam, and some do not feel worried at all.           Taking exams can be a stressful and anxiety-filled time for high school students. Junior Tyriq Wilson has taken a serious and promising approach to preparing for his finals this year. Wilson’s plan of attack included vigorous studying and research to assure he understood everything on his study guides. After all of his studying, he was only slightly nervous for his math exam because the large amount of material covered on the test. After his exams, he says ...

Spirit week day 5: class colors

Spirit week day 5: class colors

June 12, 2019

               On June 7,our school came together as one in the last spirit week to wear our class colors. Each grade wore their color for the grade they will be in next year, freshmen wore black, sophomore wore red, and juniors wore all the class colors. For the final competition day of spirit week. Juniors won for the most participating in spirit week, freshman came in second and sophomores came in last place.             “I thought the idea of us wear our school colors was fun and exciting idea. I am happy that we got to wear red because it is one ...

honoring the top 10 in the junior class, applauding their effort in the classroom.

Students attend end of the year pep assembly

June 10, 2019

To conclude this year's final spirit week, student assembly hosted a pep assembly to rally up the students in the gymnasium one last time before we head into finals week. With the seniors gone for two weeks now, this was the first pep assembly that only had the participation of the freshman, sophomore, and junior class. Coach Marzec and coach Houghton were recognized for their astonishing coaching abilities being presented with the teacher of the year award. Also, our girls’ varsity basketball and boys’ varsity baseball teams were brought down to honor their coaches for...

Spirit week day 4: Throwback Thursday

Spirit week day 4: Throwback Thursday

Kristi Patton, Staff Reporter

June 7, 2019

Spirit week continues on Thursday with decades day. Students and staff came together and participated by dressing up in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s attire. The most popular decades seemed to be the 70s and 90s. People were seen wearing scrunchies, vintage and jean jackets, jeans, wavy hair, colorful makeup, and flannels. During spirit week each grade is in competition with the other. Juniors currently have the lead, the freshman is in a close second, and sophomores are in the last place. Friday is the last day to compete in spirit week, and the week will finish off with a...

Varsity baseball ends the season with a tough game against Lakeview

The panthers getting words of encouragement from Coach Keith Marzec as they get ready to play game one of the 2019 districts.

Madyson Marzec, Sports Editor

June 7, 2019

The Varsity baseball team played the Lakeview Huskies at Fraser High School for districts on Friday, May 31st. Even though they made it to all seven innings, it ended with a score of 14-0. The boys played a strong game only giving up two runs through the first four innings. For the seniors it was their last game playing with the panthers. “It was really sad that it was my last game, but it was a fun season,” third baseman, Ian Major said. In the fifth inning, the boys gave up five runs making the score 9-0. Coach Keith Marzec decided to do a pitching change a...

Spirit Week day 2: Beach wear

Kayla Mielke, Staff Reporter

June 6, 2019

          On June 4 the students broke out their summer wear and brought the beach to school. The students showed off their best flip flops, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts so that they could rock their summer looks at school one time before summer. “I feel like I can show my true laid back, goofy self in my Hawaiian attire,” junior Michael Aliotta said.

Monochromatic Monday kicks off Spirit Week

Monochromatic Monday kicks off Spirit Week

June 5, 2019

During spirit week students celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to the school's sports teams, wearing school colors and competing in spirit week competitions. Spirit week is usually held the week before the school's Homecoming, but any week of the year can be used. This gives students the opportunity to be creative with their outfits while also showing class pride. “ I was really excited for spirit week. Though I’m more excited for summer vacation to start, then i can hang out with my friends and do what I want,” sophomore Jonathan...

The human trafficking hotline is 1-888-373-7888. This number can be used to save lives or help you become more educated on the effects of human trafficking.

Human trafficking statistics on the rise

May 31, 2019

Human trafficking has become a threat to people all around the world,  and with summer coming up, you are much more at risk of seeing suspicious people. When warm weather hits and everyone goes outside to play, but have you ever took a look around to make sure who is watching and what is around? If not, then maybe you should start because strangers could come up to you and try to take you. Human trafficking is when victims are taken from their homes or public places and transported to a new location where they are being used for forced labor or sexual exploitation. There a...

A Day for Our Soldiers

A Day for Our Soldiers

May 29, 2019

Celebrating the local communities and remembering those who have fallen in service to the United States, we hold this day to commemorate all of our veterans who have laid down their lives for our freedoms that we have today. On Monday, May 29, Roseville had its own little Memorial day parade, including people from all types of organizations and schools. From RHS, RMS, and EMS, all band students participated in playing music for the parade. Girl Scouts were passing out candy and stickers to all the children on the sidelines watching. The local Firefighters and Police Officer...

Senior Edition

May 21, 2019

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Link Crew after freshmen orientation.

Link Crew

May 20, 2019

  In 2017 Link Crew was created to help freshman transition from middle school by building a connection between them and the upperclassmen. The administration board saw it as “an opportunity to change Roseville for the better starting at the ninth grade,” English teacher Angela Houghton said. The purpose for Link Crew has been accomplished, seniors were good role models for their freshmen, they really enjoyed the program. “Link Crew has the capability of making a very positive impact on our school and all the freshmen to come,” science teacher and lin...

SAT results are in and students are definitely talking.

May 6, 2019

  The S.A.T. (Scholastic Assessment Test)  scores are in, and students are definitely talking. The S.A.T. is a big part of a students’ lives for furthering their education after high school, so these scores are important for their future. Some students were excited when viewing their results, others not so much, and the rest are just too nervous to check. Many juniors have seen this year’s seniors go through this experience last year, but it is much different when in your shoes. “My SAT score is better than average but not what I had hoped for. I want to go ...

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