A Day for Our Soldiers


Kelsey Jackson, Staff Reporter

Celebrating the local communities and remembering those who have fallen in service to the United States, we hold this day to commemorate all of our veterans who have laid down their lives for our freedoms that we have today. On Monday, May 29, Roseville had its own little Memorial day parade, including people from all types of organizations and schools. From RHS, RMS, and EMS, all band students participated in playing music for the parade. Girl Scouts were passing out candy and stickers to all the children on the sidelines watching. The local Firefighters and Police Officers had also participated in the parade as they do every year. The Firefighters drive their fire trucks and throw candy to the kids to bring excitement to the children. This parade has been going on a long time.

“Initially, the Council of Fraternal and Veterans Organizations put on the parade, but then the group became defunct, he said. Since the Knights did not want to see such a longtime tradition go away, they took it over for 2012,” says Kevin Bunch in the Eastsider back in 2014.

“It is really exciting to be able to see all the kids smiling and watching them dance to our music. To be part of something like this is really amazing. Especially when we are doing this for the ones that fought for our freedom.” Junior Savannah Burke said.

The Roseville parade began on Common Road and proceeded to Roseville’s City Hall. The Grand Marshal of the parade was Brig. Gen. John Slocum, who is a recently retired commander of Selfridge Air National Guard Base. This was his first time ever being a part of our parade. The parade was very exciting and an amazing experiment for all ages. During the Ceremony, the RHS band played The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and ended the Ceremony with God Bless The USA. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful Ceremony.