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Natural hair discrimination against African Americans

Natural hair discrimination against African Americans

Sanaa Griggs, Staff Reporter

March 14, 2020

When you think of people being discriminated against, it is because of the color of their skin, but in reality, it can mean many things. Lately in the news, Africa Americans have been discriminated against because of how differently they wear their hair because it is considered to be “too long,”or “too messy looking,” to wear to school. Since this has become an issue, many people feel the need to make their hair appeal to others rather than themselves. In schools, they either have to make their hair look better or even cut it. Many people do not understand the me...

News and Broadcasting students show their spirit by participating in pajama day.

Spirit week day one: Pajama day

December 17, 2019

     On Monday Dec. 16 students at RHS participated in the first day of the holiday themed spirit week:  pajama day. Students who participated in the spirit day wore things ranging from holiday themed pajama pants, sweatpants, and even onesies. Each grade showed their spirit by joining in on the holiday festivities.       “It was fun and exciting to see the students dressed in different things,” junior Dakoda Inscho said.        The holiday spirit week is usually held the week before holiday break. The theme  for Tuesday Dec. 17, follows as “Wel...

Juniors participating in pajama day

Spirit week day one: pajama day

October 8, 2019

  Monday, Oct. 7, students and teachers kicked off spirit week with  pajama day to see who has the most school spirit. Freshmen and seniors alike came to school in everything from sweatpants to onesies in hopes of getting the most points for their grade. The spirit day theme for the rest of the week is as follows: Tuesday is tourist day, Wednesday is alien day, Thursday is a beach day, and Friday is class colors. “I liked the idea, especially for a Monday but I just wish more people would have participated,” junior Savannah Caramagno said.

Endgame Wednesday

Endgame Wednesday

Mycah Goodwin, Staff Reporter

June 5, 2019

Here at RHS, we like to think that our halls are filled with heroes, from standing up to a bully to even offering help to strangers. Today, students and teachers showed their true colors by dressing up for the theme of Avengers: Endgame ( or any hero )  in honor of this spring spirit week. Walking through the halls, you could spot a few Captain America's, maybe an Incredible, and even some Superman's. "I love the spirit days that allow me to wear my Captain America gear. I really enjoy being able to be silly and take fun pictures with friends," junior Abby Barnett...

Monochromatic Monday kicks off Spirit Week

Monochromatic Monday kicks off Spirit Week

June 5, 2019

During spirit week students celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to the school's sports teams, wearing school colors and competing in spirit week competitions. Spirit week is usually held the week before the school's Homecoming, but any week of the year can be used. This gives students the opportunity to be creative with their outfits while also showing class pride. “ I was really excited for spirit week. Though I’m more excited for summer vacation to start, then i can hang out with my friends and do what I want,” sophomore Jonathan...

A Day for Our Soldiers

A Day for Our Soldiers

May 29, 2019

Celebrating the local communities and remembering those who have fallen in service to the United States, we hold this day to commemorate all of our veterans who have laid down their lives for our freedoms that we have today. On Monday, May 29, Roseville had its own little Memorial day parade, including people from all types of organizations and schools. From RHS, RMS, and EMS, all band students participated in playing music for the parade. Girl Scouts were passing out candy and stickers to all the children on the sidelines watching. The local Firefighters and Police Officer...

Symphonic choir students participate all dressed up in their camouflage gear.

Spirit week: day 3 where are you wednesday

May 9, 2018

     On May 9, Students raided their closets and stores to find the perfect gear for today. Some dressed in relatives military uniforms, others dressed in there hunting gear. Keep your eyes on the lookout, the students are hard to find. “I like how this is something different, it was really fun to put together,” senior Kaitlyn Kotelniski said.

Choir teacher Tina Collins conducting Treble Choir.

Choir and band perform annual Christmas concert

December 4, 2017

   Last Thursday, Nov. 30, choir and band put on their annual Christmas concert taking place at RMS. They performed old to new songs, solos to duets, and the one and only show choir performances.     Symphonic, Treble, and alumni kicked off the concert with “Carol of the bells”,  Jazz band then performed “The Christmas Song” and “We Three Kings.” Next up was Treble choir singing, “Winter Wonderland.” Chamber Ensemble performed “Three Traditional Christmas Carols.”  Marching band performed “Let It Snow” and “Right Down Santa Claus...

RHS welcomes new staff

Kayla Mielke, Staff Reporter

October 26, 2017

    Dennis Borse, athletic director for the past two years,  is now an assistant principal. He chose to switch to become more involved with the high school, and to be in the building all day.  Last year, Borse had to split his time between RHS and a role as assistant principal at Eastland Middle School.  He says he enjoys his new position even though it is an adjustment, and he sometimes misses working with sports.  Borse found out over the summer about the opportunity when Dan Crow, the former assistant principal, retired. “ I miss athletics and being a  part of that, but I like learning about the new job,” Borse said. Taking over for Borse, Chris Lafeve was a special ed teacher for four years and is now the athletic director. In addition to being in the school, he also spe...

The Motown Hitsville U.S.A  museum that was once a recording studio for the some of the most successful artists.

Choir classes go to Motown

October 25, 2017

         On Sep. 26,  symphonic and treble choir took a trip to the Motown Museum. The purpose of this trip was to experience the history of where some of the most successful artists have built their careers and where the world of soulful music started. Music is something that has created this world, and it is incredible to see the students’ drive to want to experience an insight into music history.            “Motown Museum, aka Hitsville USA, developed from a dream of an african american autoworker/songwriter. What started as an $800 loan from h...

Spirit week day 1: Find your brain day

Spirit week day 1: Find your brain day

October 2, 2017

          We are kicking off the 2017 spirit week with Find Your Brain day. The students were expected to dress as the career they wanted to pursue in the future. Many people were excited to dress up, and go on with their day as their dream careers. “I think the theme was a good idea and it was cool to see everyone’s passions,” sophomore Nate Jay said.          There was a variety of costumes people wore such as, nurses, firefighters, construction workers, artists, teachers, ministers, and lawyers. It’s nice to see all the different passi...

The new link leader members standing with the newspaper staff for the eighth grade welcome night.

Did you know?

April 25, 2017

  There are an abundance of accomplishments and goals of 2017 at RHS. Here are some of the biggest highlights. The RHS symphonic choir has gotten straight ones at district solo and ensemble festival and choral festival and are now going to states. The varsity girls’ basketball team won the MAC silver/bronze tournament championship. The varsity boys’ basketball team advanced to regional finals. Alex Martin won homecoming queen and Anthony Robart won homecoming king. Marching Band earned a one at festival. Jon Grommons won RCS teacher of the year. Va...

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