Spirit week day two: Cane vs. Cradle


Seniors Aniah Davis, Jerry Skaggs, Natalie White and Camillia Matyszewski “break out of the retirement home,” for the second day of spirit week.

Paige Guinn, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, students participated in Cane vs. Cradle day. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors dressed up as babies while seniors dressed as old people. The people who participated had a lot of fun, especially the seniors. Underclassmen wore things like onesies, and seniors wore night gowns and they brought canes and walkers. 

 “Although not many students participated in Cane vs. Cradle day, it was still very fun to dress up and see my classmates dress up as well.” senior Natalie White said. 

 On Wednesday, Oct.21, it is “Pink Out” day, all grades show school spirit by wearing pink clothes!