SAT Tips and Tricks


Andalee White, Copy Editor

Time to study for the SAT! Was that a mood killer? It’s okay, because I have a few tips and tricks to reduce your study time, increase your knowledge, and boost that confidence.

One way you can prepare for your test is to take practice tests on Khan Academy, Test Prep Review, McGraw Hill, Varsity Tutor, and many more. By taking a practice test, you are provided with the most realistic practice you can get. “I used the Khan Academy practice quizzes to study,” junior Ronald Reeves said.

Another way to study for the big day is to create a study schedule. For example, study for 25 minutes; break for 5, or study for 45 minutes; break for 10. Consistent breaks are great for helping your brain process information. “I have an SAT book that I’m using to prepare myself for the test,” junior Rhiley Canada said.

The last tip for studying is to not overwork and stress yourself out. It’s okay to take breaks and have rest time. One tip senior Paige Guinn has for all those who are testing is to stay focused and get a good night’s sleep. Good luck!