Students take on finals as summer break approaches

Journalism students working towards their final assignment of the school year.

Samual R. Kupiec, Staff Reporter

        The end of the school year is upon us, but before everyone heads for the beach, there is one more thing to do—finals. The past nine months have all built up to this final assessment to determine our spot on the totem pole. Some students are anxious for every exam, and some do not feel worried at all.

          Taking exams can be a stressful and anxiety-filled time for high school students. Junior Tyriq Wilson has taken a serious and promising approach to preparing for his finals this year. Wilson’s plan of attack included vigorous studying and research to assure he understood everything on his study guides. After all of his studying, he was only slightly nervous for his math exam because the large amount of material covered on the test. After his exams, he says he will be happy to focus on football and work this summer.

             Sophomore Zoe Iannucci-Thompson has a vastly different formula to tackling her final exams. Iannucci-Thompson studied as little as possible to not overwhelm herself. After her minimal studying, she was only nervous for her math and science finals. Iannucci-Thompson hopes to soon be floating in a pool somewhere sunny with a smile on her face.

             Freshman Cierra Smith took a classic approach by just “winging it.” She feels as if studying hurts more than it helps. However, this method works for her because she was already feeling quite confident with all of her finals. Smith says she is just glad the year is over.

“Now I can move onto a new chapter of our lives,” Smith said.

            Students of different grades and different mindsets have extremely diverse outlooks towards their exams. However, the one common trait among the students is that everyone cannot wait for summer.