Students attend end of the year pep assembly


honoring the top 10 in the junior class, applauding their effort in the classroom.

Akeel Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief

To conclude this year’s final spirit week, student assembly hosted a pep assembly to rally up the students in the gymnasium one last time before we head into finals week. With the seniors gone for two weeks now, this was the first pep assembly that only had the participation of the freshman, sophomore, and junior class. Coach Marzec and coach Houghton were recognized for their astonishing coaching abilities being presented with the teacher of the year award. Also, our girls’ varsity basketball and boys’ varsity baseball teams were brought down to honor their coaches for their hard work and dedication this past season. Also, honoring the academic teams, and even announcing the top ten within each class.

Students along with staff members participated in a relay race consisting of sandwich making, racing remote control cars, and later eating that sandwich so your team member can begin cup stacking. After a battle of the students and faculty,

it came down to the juniors and the staff members competing in the final round. Juniors Brenden Bishop and Sohken Nov defeated the staff team consisting of Bob Smitka along with Ronald Holmes and other staff members.

Students enjoyed their last pep assembly, and hopes that student assembly has many more in store for the upcoming year.

“Hearing about how good the basketball teams did during their seasons made me more excited to begin football season on the new turf,” Junior Jordan Purdy said.