Link Crew


Angela Houghton

Link Crew after freshmen orientation.

Tori Crenshaw, Staff Reporter


In 2017 Link Crew was created to help freshman transition from middle school by building a connection between them and the upperclassmen. The administration board saw it as “an opportunity to change Roseville for the better starting at the ninth grade,” English teacher Angela Houghton said. The purpose for Link Crew has been accomplished, seniors were good role models for their freshmen, they really enjoyed the program.

“Link Crew has the capability of making a very positive impact on our school and all the freshmen to come,” science teacher and link crew supervisor Bethany Allen said.

This will be the first year the administration building awarded members for their leadership performance, nominated by brick teachers. They were chosen because they set a good example, always on time, never suspended, and freshmen friendly.

    Seniors Kaitlyn Frazier, Evan Mortier, and Alizah Sumner will be receiving their award May 20th.

“I really like the program so I’m excited for the award, I feel like I really helped the freshmen.”Mortier said.

Sumner went on to say, “Receiving this award is going to make me feel accomplished and proud of myself for knowing I could lead people in the right direction.”