Staff members’ children get taste of RHS life

Smiling replicas of the RHS staff gathered on April 28 to take part in “Bring Your Kid to Work Day.” The day began re-acquainting or meeting vocational teacher Suzanne Dzieciolowski in room B129 to explore her room and fill hungry tummies with donuts and juice. In addition to having a blast playing with toys, coloring, building puzzles, participating in games, making slime, and watching Star Wars, the enthusiastic children spent their morning going to the planetarium and being a part of a scavenger hunt together.

“We went in the library, office, panther den, and the kitchen,” Chase Verkeyn said.

After, they enjoyed a lunch of pizza followed by an amusing time of blowing bubbles.

In the afternoon, all the little ones settled down and locked their eyes on the movie “Inside Out” while munching on some popcorn.

Throughout the day, children were able to experience what their mom’s or dad’s teaching career along with adding their own helpful tips along the way.

“My dad helped me make this kind of potion that involves blue water and oil,” Braydon Reinowski said.

Not only were they entertained, but both their parents and RHS students could not help but be entertained along with them.