Rose Masquerade Prom

Mackenzie Hubbard, Copy Editor

On May 19, the Junior Prom Committee set up and got to attend this year’s prom. The theme was “Rose Masquerade”, with the color scheme being red, gold, and black. The JPC showed up early to set up. “Prom setup was pretty easy with just a few setbacks. We struggled a bit with the backdrops, but everything ended up fine and prom was amazing,” junior Katelynn Miller said. 

The event itself had many things for the seniors to do. There were three places to take pictures, one being a photo booth, another being a backdrop right by the entrance, and the last being the gazebo outside that was decorated with lights and rose garland. The photo booth and the gazebo were the most popular, as people were waiting in lines to take pictures in the gazebo later at night.

The whole prom ran nicely, and even the juniors had a good time. “Prom went smoothly and better than expected. It was a great time, and I think Roseville really stepped up this year,” junior Austin Barnett said. “Overall, I think the seniors really enjoyed prom, and I’m glad to be one of the people who decorated it,”