RHS Egg Hunt


Mackenzie Hubbard, Copy Editor

This Tuesday, Apr. 12, the Fundraising and Special Events committees in Student Assembly set up an Easter Egg Hunt for the students and teachers. Each egg for students was filled with candy, and it was first come, first serve. 

“I think people will like the egg hunt, it’s interactive and fun for everyone to participate in.” Junior Austin Barnett said while filling the eggs. 

The eggs were hidden all over the school, some specifically for teachers in teacher-only areas. The Student Assembly members who helped all had a fun time being able to hide all the eggs, and are hoping to continue the egg hunt in the foreseeable future. 

“I thought the egg hunt was a super cute idea to get people involved and excited for Easter, if they celebrate.” Senior Meghan Gannon said. 

Students looked all over the school for the eggs, looking in small areas and different corners of the school hallways. Some of the eggs were hidden in the teacher’s rooms, and students looked all over to find them. The students who looked and found the eggs had fun being challenged to find the different treats all over the school.

“I was really excited to see the students took the initiative to find the eggs and had fun doing it.” Student Assembly Sponsor Emily Collias said.