Honoring mothers everywhere


Amber Weller

Most Americans spend time with their moms on Mother’s Day.

What is Mother’s Day exactly and how is it significant? It is a day to remember and respect the women who love their children unconditionally. This year on May 8, Mother’s Day will be celebrated.

The history of Mother’s Day is traced back all the way to the ancient Greeks and Romans, whom held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The modern day Christian festival is known as Mothering Sunday. Anna Jarvis founded the first Mother’s Day in the United States. In 1908 Jarvis invented the first Mother’s Day in the United States because she wanted to honor her mother after the second year of her passing. Students at RHS also have different ways to honor their moms.

“I’ve made breakfast for her or go out with family somewhere,” senior Savannah Serrs said.

There are many different ways to spend time with mothers, some families take them out to lunch or dinner, but some make breakfast in bed for them. In the past, many families have surprised women by buying gifts or flowers for them. Along with traditions, carnations were worn to honor the living and the deceased mothers. Also, the second Sunday of May is when Mother’s Day is normally celebrated.

“I make breakfast, clean the house for my mom, make dinner, and set up the garden,” junior Cearia Dishman said.

Mother’s Day is a day celebrating and honoring mothers and motherhood, but it is also a day to remember those women who are living and those whom loved ones will never forget.