The R.S.F Deploys


Thomas Owens, Staff Reporter

Sudan’s army chief has branded the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) a rebellious group and ordered it be dissolved, as the paramilitary group continue battling the army in the capital and across the country for a third day. Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reporting from Khartoum has said that she and her colleagues have not been able to go outside for these three days as “it’s not clear which forces are in control of which locations exactly. Both sides are very hard to negotiate. We’re talking about soldiers here, people on the ground – not senior commanders. Even if we do manage to talk to their leadership to understand what’s going on from their perspective, those on the ground don’t necessarily agree with us moving around, so we have been under lockdown for the past three days,” Morgan said.  “It’s not only here where we are that we are facing lockdown, other parts of the capital as well – residents say that they can’t leave their homes because of the insecurity that they’re facing. People have reported that the RSF have been entering homes, looting properties and assaulting women and residents of homes.”  

The UN has responded by calling the two leaders at attempt for a cessation of hostilities scheduled to take place at an unspecified location in Sudan. This is after RSF forces successfully took back control over the Sudan broadcasting corporation at 7:36 AM on April 17th, posting a photo on Twitter. This marks what is said to be the 3rd strategic location the RSF obtained. One soldier of the RSF who chose to remain anonymous, stated “we were met by an under-performing squad of enemy troops and with this broadcast tower setup we can begin transmitting people to help our cause.” All this is not to long after conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and several incidents in Loango making conflicts across the continent of Africa.