New RHS club plans to help community


Karli Obriecht

RHS Cares members share the warmth by helping those in need.

The RHS Cares Club is one of the newest clubs here at RHS. The main goal of the club is to help families and individuals in the Roseville community by doing random acts of kindness.

Civics and economics teacher Mary Naughton-Pesek is the sponsor of the club.  Pesek has been helping families in the Roseville Community for several years, and she started the club because of the large number of students that did not have warm clothes during the winter. Her goal with this club is to make sure all students have the basic necessities that they need and for all the children in the community to have a Christmas.

“I feel happy helping families and individuals that need help, as I grew up taking care of others and my community,” Pesek said.

The president of RHS Cares Club is junior Catherine Evola. Evola joined the RHS Cares Club to help the unfortunate families who need help in their everyday lives, even if it is just something very little because it counts as something big for them. As president of the club, Evola plans on spreading the word about the club and help restore the faith in humanity, because people need to know that getting a meal and a roof over their heads is more important than getting a new phone or spending money on unnecessary clothes.

“When helping others, I feel that a problem has been solved and perhaps others get what they need,” Evola said.

The club has already started one of their fundraising plans, as they sold homemade baked goods during the last parent-teacher conferences. The group is currently planning more events and fundraisers to help families. They are also open to anyone who would love to join and help within the community.  See Mrs. Pesek in room B227 for more information.