Freshmen to get class Chromebooks

For every incoming freshman that has walked through the doors of Roseville High School, unending possibilities for not only themselves, but their new school are conveyed. This year’s freshmen, along with bringing new faces, will encounter new learning opportunities.

Due to annual updates in technology and curricular adoptions, RHS was able to pay for Samsung Chromebooks that in approximately two weeks will be located inside all ninth grade English classes. Along with each classroom set, students will be given their own Google account to log into during the school day.

“The use of Chromebooks will help with the new ninth grade language arts curriculum and testing,” principal Pete Hedmark said.

In addition to curriculum and testing advancements, the Chromebooks also provide online material and offer support for new textbooks.

Though the idea of having Chromebooks available to students is fairly new to RHS, it was only transferred from Roseville Middle School. With some freshmen already having prior experience, they are looking forward to the devices.

“It helps with grades because you always have the option of looking things up for extra help,” freshman Emily Soehren said.

Along with Chromebooks offering major learning advancements for students, they are the obvious choice to bring into a classroom setting. Aside from the typical laptop, Chromebooks are lightweight, easier to use, and practical. Also, unlike laptops, they are fast and more resistant to viruses which can drastically affect a student’s amount of time they have to work.