Kids go to work


The pitter patter of little feet and screams of delight filled the halls of RHS on May 7 for this year’s “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. All the kids of RHS staff members gathered around to have a blast.

    “The kids are really excited to be here, today is going to be filled with plenty of activities for all the kids.” Child care teacher Suzanne Dzieciolowski said.

The kids started their day by exploring their pirate sides by searching for “treasure” throughout the school. Among the locations for the treasure were Principal Monica Gabriel’s office, The Fantasia painting, math teacher Ryan Hansen’s room, and the new A-Wing mural. Afterward, they had some time out side, playing with a colorful parachute and blowing bubbles. Balls were loaded into the parachute and flung in all directions surprising a few teachers. Kids were climbing on rocks and enjoying their time beyond the auditorium doors.

After a healthy lunch, the kids prepared for the “Joe Manfreda Little Dream Dash” and made a short stop along the way. The children entered the court yard to visit the duck and the eggs that came from it. They were very excited to see the mother duck nestled under the pine tree or as Officer Tom Guswiler called it “a Christmas tree.”

When the “quacky” trip to see the ducks was over, the energy-filled kids headed back outside for their dream dash. They all lined up at the starting line waiting for the whistle to go off to start the race. Going as fast as they could, the children tried to stick to the path and run as fast as their legs could go. They were then rewarded with popsicles to cool off their lightning fast feet. At the end of the day, the kids gathered around the screen to watch the movie Big Hero 6.

  “Jake and Hailee had been looking forward to this day for weeks. They loved all the activities, and hanging out with me and my students in my classes. Mrs. Dzieciolowski and all her students made the day very entertaining.” Sarah Drouin, English and newspaper teacher, said.