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Junior Take Over Advice

Junior Take Over Advice

June 10, 2016

Seniors have walked across the stage and said their goodbyes. They left the juniors to be the top dog on campus running the school. As the year comes to an end, and sophomores move up to take their place, juniors wanted to give them some advice on the beginning of the most important and stressful year of high school. “Do not take the SAT lightly. It will sneak up on you so study hard,” junior Kailey Preston said. “Take the ACT early so last minute you aren’t rushing. Don’t be lazy,” junior Kayla Richards said. “Take the SAT prep class. It’s worth...

Issue 7, Volume 27

June 7, 2016

Senior Farewells

June 6, 2016

*Mary Domina: -To friends: You know I love to bother you, but because of that bothering we had great memories together. P.S. Amber I will forever miss your squeaks. -To teachers: Thank you for helping me grow and realize my dreams. Mrs. D. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your class and going to the schools and helping the kids. -Senior wills: Stay close to your friends because they are the ones there to support you. They have a shoulder for you to cry on. *Cheyenne Marchesani -To friends: Stay golden pony boy. -To teachers: Keep doing what you’re doing. Some kids will come around the others are a lost cause. -Senior wills: I want to leave some of my hope, because the lower classmen are going to need it. *Amber Weller -To friends: To all my friends thank you all...

And the Oscar goes to…

Zachary Mroz, Managing Editor

March 7, 2016

The highly anticipated Oscar Sunday is a night filled with paparazzi and the world’s best actors and filmmakers. On Feb. 28, The 88th Academy Awards were held at the elegant Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Chris Rock, this year’s host, brought his comedic acts to the stage. Rock’s jokes were perceived as racist and awkward for the audience members. This year, the viewership was the lowest in the past eight years, and the third lowest overall. Following the Oscar nominations, #OscarsSoWhite trended due to no actors of color being nominated. Due to the national attention this brought, The Academy made extreme changes to increase diversity. These changes include reorganizing voting status and membership privileges. The Board of Governors has plans to add three new governors along with new m...

United States decides to stop housing Syrian refugees

Karli Obriecht and Jenna Stanley

December 1, 2015

  After the recent and horrific attacks in France and Mali, the state of Michigan has decided to temporarily stop Syrian refugees from coming into the state. While many believe that this is the only way to prevent an attack from occurring in the United States, others do not agree. They believe Syrian refugees are trying to evade terrorism themselves, as anyone would. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama planned to have thousands of refugees come to American soil.  Due to the attacks, many state officials have changed their mind. In controversial and sensitive cases as this, the United States tends to focus primarily on keeping its own citizens safe, even if that means turning down those from the outside. The question is, is the risk greater from those outside or from those within?...

Pep Assembly kicks off Homecoming week

Pep Assembly kicks off Homecoming week

October 19, 2015

With this week being consumed by homecoming excitement, Friday’s pep assembly was ultimately the best way to introduce all upcoming festivities. Beginning with each student and staff member rising as one for the Star Spangled Banner, and ending with an emotional march for the 2015-2016 homecoming court, the enthusiasm of Roseville High School was no doubt alive. As their RHS teams were introduced, an assurance of pride was held within the entire student body. Outstanding performances by the band, the JV and varsity cheerleaders, the varsity dance team, the step team,...

Elijah Davis and Josh Rolder tries to get Jenna Stanley in the Christmas.

Don’t forget the turkey!

November 26, 2014

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ…” No! It’s only November! What about Thanksgiving? Has America forgotten the first feast?  Thanksgiving is becoming a pre-black Friday. Can you really live without the mouth watering turkey, squishy stuffing, smooth mashed potatoes, and the soft biscuits? I didn’t think so. To most people the only holidays later in the year are Halloween and Christmas: free candy and presents. One of the reasons Thanksgiving is forgotten is that you aren’t receiving anything for free. There’s only food and being around the ones...

No - Shave November Week 2

No – Shave November Week 2

November 17, 2014

During the second week of No - Shave November, the beards are growing, the the competition is shrinking. History teacher David Clulo and science teacher Michael Zimmer have given up and shaved. Students, make sure you donate to make sure no more beards are shaved off. Come back to the website each week to see the beardy update.

Roseville's annual dodge ball tournament

RHS dodges, ducks, dips, and dives

November 12, 2014

On November 7, Roseville’s annual dodge ball tournament took place. The tournament had more teams come out than any other year before. There were five senior teams, four junior teams, one sophomore team, two freshman teams, and two teacher teams. The tournament was a two game elimination so if a team lost, it went into the loser’s bracket, but the team could still win the loser’s bracket and advance to the championship. “The Super Seniors,” “Future,” “Off The Dome,” and “Dodge It About a Week Ago” started off strong with 2-0 starts. “Future”...

No - Shave November Week 1

No – Shave November Week 1

November 11, 2014

Multiple teachers are participating in the event, No – Shave November. This nation - wide endeavor was created to raise awareness and money for men’s cancers. This year, RHS is choosing to using the donations to help local families. Mug shots are being taken each week so that students can keep up with their progress. History teacher David Clulo and principal Pete Hedemark look as if they have the longest beards right now. Who will have the most facial hair at the end of the month and who will chicken out and shave? Check back later this week for the next beard update.



October 16, 2014

Football season is here, which means it is almost that time of year! You better get pumped up because the homecoming dance is right around the corner. Wedding proposals aren’t the only kinds of proposals; we’re talking about homecoming proposals. Single students may feel bitter at this time but couples are ready to ask one another to the dance in a cute, memorable way. Unconventionally, girls have began asking their boyfriends’ to homecoming, such as senior, Katie Potbury. Potbury is excited to ask her boyfriend, Nick Kandrot, who graduated last year. “A bunch...

JV corner

JV corner

October 16, 2014

  JV Football: (4-2) The JV football team beat Port Huron, 38-18.Another win for JV was picked up as they beat Fraser and won 28-13. Current tackle leaders are Eric Beauchamp (despite a recent injury) and Sam Clarck. Touchdown leaders are Taylor Rice, Deshawn Susko, and Ricky Shackleford. For yards, it’s Taylor Rice, Anthony Banks, and Ricky Shackleford. JV Soccer: (8-6) The Junior Varsity Soccer team recently got shut down by Centerline, 2-0. They kept their winning 8-2 record however by beating Warren Woods Tower 3-2 two days later. Theodore Halt, Troy...

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