RHS dodges, ducks, dips, and dives

Roseville’s annual dodge ball tournament

Mikie McConnell, Sports Editor

On November 7, Roseville’s annual dodge ball tournament took place. The tournament had more teams come out than any other year before. There were five senior teams, four junior teams, one sophomore team, two freshman teams, and two teacher teams. The tournament was a two game elimination so if a team lost, it went into the loser’s bracket, but the team could still win the loser’s bracket and advance to the championship.

“The Super Seniors,” “Future,” “Off The Dome,” and “Dodge It About a Week Ago” started off strong with 2-0 starts. “Future” eventually lost to “Off The Dome” in a huge upset. “The Super Seniors” played “Dodge it About a Week Ago” and took the victory putting them into the loser’s bracket. In an intense match up, “The Super Seniors” end up winning against “Off The Dome” to put them into the championship game at 4-0. “Dodge It About a Week Ago” won the loser’s bracket and they played “The Super Seniors” in the championship game. “The Super Seniors” ended up winning that game to take the tournament home with an amazing run.

The last out of the tournament was recorded by “Super Senior” Ryan DiCiacca, who later said, “We started out slow, that’s okay, that’s alright. ‘Zak Attack’ had us in the first half, not about to lie, but we came back strong.”

All proceeds from the event go to the girls’ softball program.