Junior Take Over Advice

Karli Obriecht, Business Manager

Seniors have walked across the stage and said their goodbyes. They left the juniors to be the top dog on campus running the school. As the year comes to an end, and sophomores move up to take their place, juniors wanted to give them some advice on the beginning of the most important and stressful year of high school.

“Do not take the SAT lightly. It will sneak up on you so study hard,” junior Kailey Preston said.

“Take the ACT early so last minute you aren’t rushing. Don’t be lazy,” junior Kayla Richards said.

“Take the SAT prep class. It’s worth it and go to as many event as possible. You only have a few more years,” junior Sahvanna McSwain said.

“Be prepared for the SAT cause it’s a monster,” junior SaVaughn Noble said.

“Don’t stand around, keep moving and get to class,” junior Chris Eckert said.

Hopefully, the sophomores find this useful next year.