United States decides to stop housing Syrian refugees

Karli Obriecht and Jenna Stanley


After the recent and horrific attacks in France and Mali, the state of Michigan has decided to temporarily stop Syrian refugees from coming into the state. While many believe that this is the only way to prevent an attack from occurring in the United States, others do not agree. They believe Syrian refugees are trying to evade terrorism themselves, as anyone would. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama planned to have thousands of refugees come to American soil.  Due to the attacks, many state officials have changed their mind. In controversial and sensitive cases as this, the United States tends to focus primarily on keeping its own citizens safe, even if that means turning down those from the outside. The question is, is the risk greater from those outside or from those within? While there are no accounts of Syrian refugees helping to perpetrate the attacks, there are several accounts of United States and French citizens helping perpetrate the attacks in ways ranging from actually carrying out the attacks to wiring money to help fund the groups responsible. As many as 180 American citizens have attempted to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

As of right now, officials feel it’s a danger to citizens to continue to house refugees until the problems are resolved. The Government is to continue to work with allies on the threat of terrorism. Their goal is to identify and stop terrorists, and strengthen our defenses against other threats.

Source: CNN.com