Zack Mroz and Amna Lodhi

Football season is here, which means it is almost that time of year! You better get pumped up because the homecoming dance is right around the corner.

Wedding proposals aren’t the only kinds of proposals; we’re talking about homecoming proposals. Single students may feel bitter at this time but couples are ready to ask one another to the dance in a cute, memorable way. Unconventionally, girls have began asking their boyfriends’ to homecoming, such as senior, Katie Potbury.

Potbury is excited to ask her boyfriend, Nick Kandrot, who graduated last year. “A bunch of balloons will be on his bedroom floor with little notes inside, and he will have to pop the balloons. He has to save the black balloon for last, and inside, the note will say, “close the door”. When he closes his door, the back of the door will say “HC?” The letters will be made out of little pictures of us.” Potbury said. That whole “proposal” came from a dream she had.

Sophomore Alex Martin was asked by David Underwood. “I was going on a walk with my friend and she told me to look down. The sidewalk had 6 reasons why my boyfriend wanted to take me to homecoming written in chalk. He also had a bag filled with candy for me. It was the sweetest thing” Martin said.

Freshman, Maryam Khalil is single but says if anyone asks her to homecoming with Miley Cyrus concert tickets, she will most likely marry him. Ask your date, friend, or anyone you’re talking to in a cute way Roseville! Get creative, and enjoy Homecoming 2015 with no regrets.