RHS AIMS higher with new tutoring program

Meaghan Allen, Managing Editor

RHS is offering a new tutoring pro­gram called AIMS Tutoring (After School Intervention and Mentoring), after school Monday through Thursday, 3 to 4 p.m. in the aux­iliary cafeteria. This new program will offer help to students in various subjects whether it be math, science, social stud­ies, English, or a foreign language. Students can now get the help that they need after school in order to understand the subject and to pass their classes to graduate on time.

“We see an op­portunity for kids to take advantage of this after school,” principal Pete Hede­mark said.

Everyday, NHS is supplying two tutors to assist the students. This way NHS students can earn their required three tutoring hours they need every trimester. It will also give students a dif­ferent perspective on how the NHS tutor approaches some­thing than how the teacher approaches something. This new perspective may help students under­stand something a bit better now that it is from a fellow student rather than how the teacher is instructing the student.

“This program is for serious people who want to get something done be­fore they get home, and have it out of their hair,” math teacher Craig Now­icki said.

Teachers will be there to help stu­dents. As of right now, Nowicki is the only math teacher in AIMS. There are a lot of students who need help with math, so they are taking advantage of this new tutoring pro­gram.

This program is also furnishing calculators as well as laptops. There are snacks provided. There have been two teachers a night since Monday Sept. 29 tutoring and help­ing students.

All of the teach­ers are giving one session to help students achieve their full potential in class. Whether this is a session on something that the whole class does not understand or reviewing for a test the teacher is giving the next day.

Athletic Direc­tor Major Mickens is promoting this program for stu­dent athletes. He is encouraging athletes who are struggling or need help to attend to get help in their class. He un­derstands that bal­ancing school and sports is a difficult thing, but school is a priority, hence the term “student- ath­lete.”
“It is for those athletes that are struggling at the moment,” Mickens said.

At the end of the tutoring session, there is a bus that will give students a ride to a Roseville elementary school near their home. This applies to all students.