Sportsmanship through the Eyes of RHS


Julianna Tribu, Copy Editor

A widely accepted definition of Sportsmanship is when you play a sport or activity that will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors.  Sportsmanship does not always have to revolve around sports.

“Sportsmanship is how you define appropriate behavior or civility, in sports, but that is not all that is important. How you treat one another, how to carry yourself, how you behave is important period. In everything that we do,” RHS principal Pete Hedemark said.

Sportsmanship is the way you want people to see you.  Being a good person and not getting angry when you lose is a good sport.  “Know how to win graciously, because we ain’t about that life,” baseball coach and teacher Keith Marzec said.

Sometimes good sportsmanship is hard to show, you just get angry and want to take it out on the other team whether they are winning, or playing rough you still need to be a good sport.  “They kind of equate that to winning and losing. If you are winning everybody has good sportsmanship… When you are losing that is when it is hard to show that you are a good sport,” Athletic Director Major Mickens said.

Mostly being a good sport and having good sportsmanship is when you can play a tough game, but at the end you still shake hands with the other team.  “I think

Sportsmanship is important because you always have to have a good attitude with others and say good luck or good job,” senior, Victoria Chapman said.

“It kind of makes us know we are human, that we are not vicious animals. Just because were athletes, doesn’t mean we have to be enemies all the time.”  Girls Soccer Coach and teacher Joanne Trembath said.

Being able to play against a rival team, then at the end talk and laugh together shows great sportsmanship.  Just like Trembath said, it makes us feel human.  It sort of brings us back down to reality, so it is super important to have good sportsmanship on and off the field.