Boys to Men


Seniors, Kevin Xlong, Collin Koltvedt and Austin Marsili in their marine information

Callyn Young, Staff Reporter

Come senior year, some students already have their future careers planned out and others are still unsure. Some students may go straight to college and others might take some time to think about it. For three of our seniors, Austin Marsili, Kevin Xiong and Collin Koltvedt, the future is well thought out. All three students want to join the Marines and are currently in the Boost Station Program. The boost Station Program helps prepare for boot camp. It is every Monday from 4-6 p.m. There a group of students assembles and talks for a half hour.

They answer any questions or concerns about boot camp and the Marines. The program will take anyone that is a junior in high school and up. After that, boot camp is required for 13 weeks. Then become a Poolee until you get the leaving date, which can be changed.

Marsili and Koltvedt expect to serve for 20 years. “I want to be in the Marines because it’ll be a real challenge and pride knowing that I can be the best,” Marsilli said. Marsili has always wanted to be in the military but just recently decided to go into the Marines. “I decided to start right after high school for the experience, leadership and it’ll help pay for college,” he said.

Ziong has wanted to be in the marines since he was eight. “My grandpa inspired me. He was in the army for the entire Vietnam war,” he said. Xiong also expects to be a Marine for eight years.

Koltvedt has wanted to be in the Marines since he was in seventh grade. “My family inspired me to be in the Marines and I want to have a challenge in life,” he said.

For more information about the Marines, visit their official website at or