Choir classes go to Motown


Caitlin Micheal

The Motown Hitsville U.S.A museum that was once a recording studio for the some of the most successful artists.

Jasmine Zarves, Managing Editor

         On Sep. 26,  symphonic and treble choir took a trip to the Motown Museum. The purpose of this trip was to experience the history of where some of the most successful artists have built their careers and where the world of soulful music started. Music is something that has created this world, and it is incredible to see the students’ drive to want to experience an insight into music history.

           “Motown Museum, aka Hitsville USA, developed from a dream of an african american autoworker/songwriter. What started as an $800 loan from his family, turned into a multi-million treasure that gave the world one of the most unique music styles that influenced pop cultures around the world. I learn something new every time we visit, I love that my students get to experience and learn about this wonderful place that’s right in our own backyard,” choir teacher, Kristina Collins said.

         “Motown was a very fun experience. I will definitely go again, it really taught me the history behind our music,” senior, Rory Flanigan said.  

          Motown is an American record company that was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1959, and was incorporated as Motown in 1960, in Detroit, MI. Motown has played an important role in the racial integration of music as well as an African-American owned record label that achieved significant success. Motown was noticed for its soul and pop music during the 1960s and made a huge success with 79 records in the top ten Billboard hot 100. Gordy relocated Motown to Los Angeles and in 1972 the move was completed and Motown expanded into television and film production. Throughout the years Motown has been sold and relocated to many companies, it is now located in Los Angeles operating under the Capitol Music Group, out of the Capital Tower. For decades, Motown has been the highest-earning African-American business in the United States.

      Motown doesn’t just stand for its music, it is a label and legacy for hard work and dedication. Diana Ross, The supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and  Jackson 5, are just a few of the hardworking, successful artists who have came out of Motown.