Pep assembly kicks off homecoming 2016

Kaylee Oliveri, Staff Reporter

This year’s homecoming pep assembly started off with our marching band performing. Students and staff were then introduced to the freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity sports teams.The junior varsity and varsity cheer and dance teams performed their routines. Also, varsity cheer and football team did their boy-girl team.

This year instead of “pie in the face we “ ‘slimed’ staff members.  Teachers Jessica Hansen,  Derrick Blackmere , Melissa Anderson , Micheal Zimmer, and principals  Monica Gabriel, and Patrick Adams were all the staff members to be slimed by students who chose them as victims.

“ I’m glad I was able to give an opportunity to my softball players to get back at me; it was all in good fun!”  Special education teacher Jessica Hansen said.

 At the end of the pep assembly, student assembly sponsor  Eric Mattison announced the senior homecoming court. This year’s members include:

Alex Martin and Alex Gonzalez

Tia Whitman and Alontae Parker

                       Kaitlyn Hall and Anthony Im

   Shamone Keyes and Duane Porties

Jackie Willis and Javion Boyd

Rayven Newberry and Rickey Shackelford

Brittany Major and Tyler Atkinson

Kierra Vest and Anthony Robart


“It was such an awesome feeling. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget, especially with everyone cheering for me,” court member Anthony Robart said.