Class float parties are exciting way to get involved


Alex Terry-Martin, Copy Editor


Itś that time of year again!  Football, the season of fall, back to school, and the one and only homecoming.  Homecoming is so much more than just a dance.  Homecoming festivities range from the pancake breakfast, homecoming court, spirit week, and of course, float parties.

If you are unsure about going to your class’s float parties, just go!  One may be wondering, “Why should I be going to this?”  Well, here are four answers and/or reasons in response to that question: You can socialize with people you typically may not socialize with.  You can make new friends with people you don’t always see in school.  You can help support your school, and get involved within your grade while taking part in building your float.  Lastly, you can make memories that will last a lifetime, with people you won’t forget.

For any more details or information regarding the place and time of these float parties, contact your class representatives in charge of hosting the parties!


SENIORS: Alex Martin




SOPHOMORES: Natalie Martin


FRESHMEN: Hannah Hogan