Hospitality management class holds open house for staff, families


The hospitality management class had an open house for the school board, staff, and families of the students. It took place at Roseville Middle School in its dining area and kitchen on Thursday, Oct. 29. The event started at 4 pm when the families and students were seated and served and then ended at 7 pm. The open house was held to introduce the staff and families to what the class focuses on achieving this year.


“It went well and I really think it helped me get a better understanding of cooking. I think having more would be really fun,” senior Niya Johnson said.

The dinner demonstrated how the class prepares meals and obtains skills in culinary arts. Some of the offerings included creamy tomato soup, coconut brownies and happy noodles which are stir-fried. The students were grateful for the open house and its outcome. “The open house was very fun and helped me learn more about the class,” junior Elizabeth Martinez said.

This year students will learn that the basics of culinary tasks are essential for everyday lives.