Clubs, classes, groups race in 3rd annual cardboard Boat Regatta


The members of lil’ boAt won the third annual Boat Regatta as they were confident in their boat and their rowers.

Lucinda Vang, Editor-in-Chief

On Wed. May 18, a total of 17 different groups, clubs, classes, and even teachers brought in their handmade cardboard boats for the third annual cardboard Boat Regatta held in the RHS swimming pool. Boats crossing the pool were only allowed to be made with cardboard and duct tape along with certain heights, widths, and lengths measurements.

This year, first place went to lil’boAt (built by seniors Nikolai Lineberger, Ronald Harrington, junior Joe Kavalchik, and sophomore Michael Lineberger) who also won last year as well.

“It felt pretty good to win. I was confident in our boat design and in our rowers,” Lineberger said. “We have the same people and similar boat idea, and I have done it all three years with the same crew.”

Second place went to Cosmo (built by seniors Curtis Mack, Zack Mroz, Morgan Barbret, and Jennifer Vandro), and third to Spanish Club with El Barco. Other awards were Best Sink, Most Enthusiastic, Best use of Material, and Most Creative. Best Sink went to the probability and statistic class with Iceberg, Most Enthusiastic went to the French Club with Straight Outta Français, Best use of Materials went to the Spanish Club with El Barco, and Most Creative went to the media production class with Dunkin the Competition.

Math teacher Christine Anderson became interested in the boat regatta idea when she saw it at another school, and thought it would be fun to try out at RHS. She first started the boat regatta with her Geometry Enrichment class, and it later became part of both her Calculus and Geometry Enrichment classes.

“It’s all about problem solving and cooperative learning. Also, I love watching the boat sinking and the audiences’ reactions when the boats sink. Everyone was so determined to cross the other end of the race. One of the biggest highlight of this year’s race was watching the teacher’s boat sink,” Anderson said.

According to Anderson, this year’s boat regatta was the biggest turnout and she hopes to see even more and bigger boats next year.