Eighth graders learn about RHS life


Sarah Allen, Staff Reporter

On April 19, eighth graders came to RHS to learn about different clubs, activities, and sports teams they could become involved in. The students began the night by listening to principal Pete Hedemark give an introduction and watching a video about our school with important information they should know. After this, refreshments and cookies were put out for them to enjoy then they proceeded into the hallways. As students began walking down the hallway, RHS students began persuading the eighth graders to join their club, sport, or activity.

            “I am really interested in journalism and joining newspaper seems fun even though I have not been writing for that long,” eighth grader Nicole Stadler said.

With the incoming freshmen, it gave RHS students a chance to learn things about high school. It also provided them with new experiences and different roads they could take when they got to the high school.

            “I just like all the clubs they have here that I could join; it is not like this in middle school,” eighth grader Samantha Harrington said.

New opportunities were right in front of the eighth graders in order for them to have a great start in high school.