Weight room being redesigned in honor of former teacher and coach


Catherine Evola

Equipment in the weight room, such as these weights, are soon to be upgraded.

Catherine Evola, Staff Reporter

The RHS weight room, soon to be known as the Rex E. Corless Fitness Room, is currently raising money to be redesigned.

Corless was a teacher and coach for 34 years in Roseville Community.  Corless was an All-American Athlete at MSU.  Corless was drafted to the New York Giants in 1954, but he left school in sophomore year due to family obligations, entered the Army, and then served in Korea.  Corless returned to MSU 1960, made the football and was ruled ineligible by the NCAA due to age.  After Corless graduated from MSU he started teaching and coaching in Ravenna Michigan Schools.

Rex E. Corless Athletics is a program which helps RHS athletes.  It first started when Corless passed away in 2008, and his daughter, RMS teacher Janni Mclean, along with his wife decided to help the athletes in his memory.

Athletic Director Dennis Borse has plans for the improvement of the weight room to occur during the summer.  Borse hopes to open it before the new school year.

“It’s a nice little facelift,” Borse said.

Mclean and her mother request $20,000 and so far have raised $9,865 in donations.  If you would like to help fund the new and improved Rex E. Corless Fitness Room, you can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/RHSCorlessroom.  The last day to donate is Jan. 29.