Eighth grader comes to RHS


Roqaiah Odeh

Cole Clanin works on his English homework.

Fatimah Odeh, Staff Reporter

Cole Clanin is an eighth grader from EMS who takes some classes at RHS. Clanin attends Eastland Middle School for English, gym, and world history during first, second, and third hours. He then attends RHS for accelerated biology, varsity band, and honors geometry. His favorite teacher is the band director, Dan Chesher.

“He always helps me out with everything, not just band,” Clanin said.

Clanin says that he pursues to go to Harvard or Yale for college. He also aspires to become an accountant when he is older.

“I have always loved school” he said.

It is where he excels in his studies and stands out among his peers. He is determined, hard working, and proud his accomplishments. Clanin lives with his sister, Megan, mom, stepdad John, and three pit bulls: Coco, Damage, and Chaos. Clanin said that his friends and family are always there for him and stick up for him when he needs them.

If you ever see Cole around stop and say “Hi”. Let’s make Cole feel welcome here. He will be joining us next year to continue his high school at RHS.