School brings positivity

Sophomore Brenner Norman receives extra help on his assignment.

Rachel Shacklett

Sophomore Brenner Norman receives extra help on his assignment.

Tatyana Lewis and Rachel Shacklett

Unfortunately, for some school is sometimes associated with negative remarks and reasons to not go. While it is commonly heard that school is not such a fun place to be, other students have some positive regarding teachers,events, and simply getting to know more people. In many ways, school can have positive impacts on students.

Teachers are a big factor when it comes to school. Learning new things can often be challenging. Freshman Shane Ricci tells how when his teachers explain assignments in more detail it helps him get a better understanding. Questions are often asked by teachers in order to push the students to find a deeper understanding. In any case, when a student struggles in their academic studies extra help is always offered.

Sports, clubs, and other after school events such as homecoming and pep assemblies give students opportunities to keep positive attitudes and participate outside of school. Engaging in these events allows for an opportunity to meet new people

“School isn’t that bad; I met one of my best friends here,” sophomore Austin Thomas said.

There are different perspectives when it comes to school, some good and some bad. In any case, RHS is a school where all students can achieve their full potential.