Senior art student wins Gold Key award

Catherine Evola, Staff Reporter

Senior Jenna Stanley was recently awarded a Gold Key for scholastics.  Stanley received the award after having some of her pieces entered by art teacher Fiona Rawson.

The Gold Key is one of the highest awards for in the scholastics competition. Stanley’s mixed media piece, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln made out of broken CDs, titled “Abe,” will advance to the national level in New York. Stanley also won another award, best in category of mixed media, for the same piece. If her piece makes it through nationals, she will go to New York for the awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall sometime in June. Scholarship opportunities will be presented to national winners, as well as other opportunities that may become available with the title.

“I didn’t really expect this award. It’s an honor. I hope this will become a stepping stone for bigger things,” Stanley said.