Roseville Coalition aids domestic violence shelter


Staff Reporter

Roseville students come together to help others in need.

Jalissa Long-Jolley, Staff Reporter

RHS club, Roseville Coalition, set aside time in their last meeting to make blankets for the Mt.Clemens domestic violence shelter, Turning Point. The students involved in this club, first came up with this idea and in turn inspired youth groups in the area to make blankets as well. Altogether, a total of ten blankets have been created, all in which will go to individuals at Turning Point.

“I’ve always been a fan of giving back so i thought it would be something nice to do to keep someone warm this winter,” junior, Kayla Rogers, said.

Turning Point believes that “all people have a right to a violence-free life.” They provide many services, including a 24-hour crisis line and shelter, counseling, support groups, and different programs and classes, that can help people regain power over their own lives. It is recommended for students interested in volunteering or donating to go to the website

Also known as Most Teens Don’t, Roseville Coalition is noticed for students campaigning against drinking and drugs. Making blankets for Turning Point is just one of many things they have done in the past, which includes helping others in need and raising awareness for underaged drinking amoung other things.

         “I enjoy the Coalition because it’s a sense of awareness and it shows others who look down at our generation that not all of us do these outrageous things,” Kayla said.