Recap of 2015

Jasmine Zarves, Staff Reporter

What a better way to start off 2016 then to recap all the amazing memories of 2015, There were good moments and some bad, but life is all about it’s ups and downs. Here are some of both RHS and World News biggest highlights of the past year.

Jan. 6 one of RHS students Joseph Manfreda unexpectedly passed away.  Manfreda was a good friend to a lot of people. He was very athletic, which included being part of the wrestling, cross country, and the track team. RHS has now started an annual Dream Dash marathon in honor of Manfreda.

Feb. 7 the  New England Patriots won the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIX  beating the Seattle Seahawks with a final score of 28-24 making this the Patriot’s fourth Super Bowl victory.

Friday, March 27, the restaurant Potbelly, which has a new Roseville location, hosted an event which benefited the RCS Scholarship Foundation. This event raised over $1,700 for RCS.

In April 2015, The band students from RHS embarked on a 12 hour drive to New York. This trip was full of tons of fun and incredible sightseeing, and was a great opportunity for the students that were able to be a part of it.

In May of 2015, the NFL finds New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, guilty of “Deflategate” meaning he was accused of deflating the footballs. This resulted in a four game suspension for the Quarterback.

June of 2015, Golden State Warriors wins the NBA championship for the first time in 40 years against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

July of 2015, five US Marines were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire in a recruiting center in Chattanooga, TN, which also injured two other men during the shooting.

August 2015, Republicans hold the first prime time debate for the presidential candidate of 2016. This included nominees: Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and John Kasich.

September of 2015 was exciting, yet in the end disappointing for RHS. The first week of September,  RHS won a local contest sponsored by Channel 4 news as well as the Radio station Channel 95.5 called “Football Frenzy.” This highlighted and hyped up the students all week continuing onto game day. On Friday, Sept. 11th, the RHS Panthers won the game 28-0 defeating Lakeview only to find out the next week that we had to forfeit the game due to a non roster player coming into the game in the fourth quarter. It was was an extremely disappointing moment, but RHS still came out strong and proud.

October of 2015, the month that all high school students look forward to most! This is one of the busiest, yet most fun weeks throughout the entire school year. The girls start planning what dress they are going to wear and how they will be doing their hair and the guys look forward to the biggest football game of the year and dancing with their date. After the pancake breakfast and parade, the homecoming 2015 king and queen were announced during halftime. RHS senior, Evan Gates, was crowned RHS homecoming King and RHS senior, Shawna Brandt, was crowned homecoming Queen. The game ended with a victory, beating the Titans with a final score of 53-13.

November- We can’t forget the incredibly sad and terrifying ISIS attack on Paris France, which took the lives of 129 people and injuring hundreds more. This was a devastating time not only for Paris, but countries around the world.
Last but not least, December 2015. I’m sure most students were looking forward to the Holiday Break and getting ready to bring in a new year more than anything. Some were planning visits with their families and opening gifts, while others may have been looking forward to just sleeping in. All in all, 2015 was a great year filled with lots of memories, both good and bad. Now that we are starting a new year, let’s remember all the great memories of 2015 and make 2016 unforgettable!