New Year New Me?

Zack Mroz, Managing Editor

Once the ball drops on the last second of 2015, people all around the world try to better themselves by creating New Year’s resolutions. Some can be as realistic or as farfetched as the person chooses, but trying to achieve your personal resolution is not always easy. It is no surprise that most people don’t follow through with their resolutions, so in May, we will follow up with the exact same people to see how their resolutions turned out. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

“To not fight with my girlfriend as much,” senior Matt Fowler said.

“To just live and be happy,” senior Jaicee Partridge said.

“Show up to school on time,” senior Jillian Roberts.

“Sleep a lot,” senior, Zak Carik said.

“Focus on me; make more time for me,” teacher Chrissy Ventimiglia said.

“Become a better bowler, and meet new people,” junior Jacob Rolder said.