Quiz Bowl fights all the way to the finish


Troy Frank

Quiz Bowl, led by Sam Heaton and Joe Kovalchik, finished off the season strong

Troy Frank, Sports Editor

Quiz bowl had an incredibly strong season, finishing out the regular season with a seven game winning streak. Led by senior Sam Heaton, the team racked out a +4,015-point differential, 9-5 record and a 7th place finish in the MAC conference, by Jan. 6, when the regular season finished. The following week, when they advanced to the tournament that leads to state finals,they had to overcome an undefeated powerhouse in the Utica Academy for International Studies the following week when they advanced to the playoffs, but ultimately, were defeated. Although they did not make it past the first round, the amount of points they scored was better than any other team, excluding their opponent. Sam Heaton, alone, scored 150 points.

“We had a rough start, but we capped it off with a seven game winning streak; so above all, we had a great season,” senior Nathan Williams said