Intro to Senior Art Seminar

Jenna Stanley, Section Editor


Every year, the senior art seminar class, taught by Fiona Rawson, works on creating reproductions of artwork as murals in the halls of the school. The first trimester of the class is focused on creating independent artworks and building up portfolios, and the second trimester is spent in the halls. This year there are two groups working on two new murals. One group, consisting of Amaretta Hudson, Jillian Sova, and Ian Gardner are working on “An Accidental Tourist”, a surrealist painting, by Kevin Sloan. The other group, consisting of Kayla Cranston, Jenna Stanley, Destinee Wells, and Phoenix Suits are working on “Ink”, another surrealist painting, by Anna Dittmann.

       “My favorite part of this class is having the opportunity to challenge myself,” Phoenix Suits said.

Every other week, progress updates will be posted on our website ( as an extension of this story.