Roseville Panthers take on Romeo Bulldogs


Sarah Allen

Sophomore Josh Williamson gets ready to make a fast move and dribble down the court

Sarah Allen and Jalissa Long-Jolley

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, boys Roseville Panthers played the Romeo Bulldogs.

JV- The starters was freshman, Taeshawn Jones, sophomores Austin Behnke, Josh Williamson, and Austin Lorentzen, and junior, Devin Martin. Jones scored nine points, Lorentzen scored 21 points, Behnke scored four, Williamson scored two but had four assist, and Martin scored 10. JV won 52-48. The game was close, but they pulled out a victory at the end.

“We played well and come on top with the win, but we need to work on many areas in our game as a whole,” sophomore Behnke said.

Varsity- Starting the game were seniors TJ Anderson, Johnny Jones, Caleb Reynolds, Dono Abney-Berry, and sophomore Zavon Godwin. Anderson scored 10 points, Abney-Berry scored 16, Reynolds scored four along with Jones and Godwin scored 12.  They won 67-48.