Social media can spread positive message


In this day and age, social media is used by just about everyone. There are websites used to post messages to show to others, such as Facebook and Twitter, and there are more picture based websites like Instagram. People can use social media in many different ways, but more recently, there have been people who use social media to do something good for someone other than their own self.

On Oct. 27, an RHS student created an account on Twitter, RHS Anonymous. The account immediately sent positive messages to other students after seeing them make tweets about being sad, feeling bad about themselves, or just how they had a bad day. Students, teachers, and even principals around RHS were talking about how great of an idea the account was.

“It feels great. I didn’t make this account to get talked about, I just wanted to make people feel good about themselves, just by sending them a compliment or saying that it’ll be okay,” RHS Anonymous said. “There’s so much negativity, especially on social media, and it feels amazing that people know they have someone to talk to if they’re feeling down.”

When it comes to social media, there are people out there that will use these websites to spread negativity around to others. They send horrible messages, put rude comments on their posts, or just make fun of others where everyone else can see.

“Sometimes, high school can be hard. There’s so much stress put on students and it can really take a toll on them,” RHS Anonymous said. “I personally have suffered from depression, so I know exactly how it feels. I wanted to be the person that I wish I had when I was dealing with it. I just needed someone to listen, to tell me that they were there.”

Throughout the years, there have been different RHS based accounts made on different social media websites, but the difference between those and RHS Anonymous was that the past accounts were used to hurt people. Students would call the accounts “burn books.” These accounts were solely used to talk poorly about RHS students and make them feel bad about themselves. There are students who take the time to spread negativity, but fortunately there are also students willing to take a stand against this negativity and promote a positive attitude over social media.

“You can use social media for good to help promote positivity,” junior, Miriam Logan said. “You can spread a message for a good cause, if you see someone fighting you can get them to stop and let them know that they don’t need to do this. You can just be nice. There are so many things to promote positivity.”

These days, social media is used for much more than just liking a picture or making comments on someone else’s posts. Now, some people are seeing how much others are hurting and are using social media to try changing that. They see how much negativity there is all around and use these websites to help others realize that they are above this negativity. There are people out there who are using social media not just for themselves, but to make others happy.

Another social media account that is spreading positivity is the new twitter account, RHS compliments.