Actions speak louder than words


Tyranisha Subbs-Ashley

Most people would stand by, but how many would actually stop bullying and help?

Tyranisha Stubbs-Ashley, Staff Reporter

When you think about the world nowadays, there are a lot of things that help people out and make everyone happy. But when you think about the world’s people there are not many that would come to mind. No one is good at being nice anymore and not a lot of people have the right mindset to do good things and treat people equally. Social experiments are used more and more, with channels on Youtube dedicated just for them.

They give you an insight of how random people everywhere treat others and we can witness it. After the attack on Paris, a social experiment was performed in the mall where a young woman dressed in a hijab and walked around the mall. A woman and her daughter were walking through the mall when they spotted this person and the woman’s daughter looked up at her and asked if the person in the hijab would hurt them. Prejudice starts off at a young age. Stereotypes form and children are taught who and what to like and they grow up to teach their kids the same things. Social experiments help in these situations greatly because after a person reacts badly to the experiment and they are aware of the fact that it was not real, they think about their actions.

“I feel like it helps people realize there’s more than one way to live life and it puts you in the shoes of others,” senior Leah Ferrante said.

Social experiments make people think because most times you would hear someone say “Oh I would never do that to anyone,” but they lose sight of that when they are actually put to the test. Once someone decides to make a scenario in which they had the option to follow their own words and not be mean or prejudice, they turn around and throw out what they said before. When this happens it shows that you can always say something but it takes a lot to actually commit to being that great person. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to use social experiments to make people choose to make good actions but since we do not live in that perfect world some people have to push others to take that step to be a good person. If everyone took the time to think about everything that they do before they did it, it might be a different story. Make sure that you treat others the way you would want to be treated and remember that actions definitely do speak louder than words.