Brandon Loepp: Student Feature

Brendan Zalewski, Staff Reporter

Many high school students struggle to find a sport they are good at. Though many  students realize where they belong right away. This was true for senior Brandon Loepp. Loepp discovered his talent in his sophomore year when he joined the boys’ swim team. He has since been awarded a first place medal in the 100 backstroke at divisions and made counties as a junior. He also won a fifth place medal in the 100 freestyle at divisions.

Loepp hopes to break the school record backstroke time of 58:14 and is not far behind with a PR of 1:05:39 and a year to achieve his goal. How does he get through the pain? He lives by one of his favorite quotes in the famous inspirational story, Unbroken, “If you can take it, you can make it.”

On top of swim, Loepp maintains a 3.27 GPA in his academics. He also runs cross country in the fall, and ended the season with a PR of 20:44. After high school, Loepp is considering joining the air force, but is still undecided on if he wants to go to college. He is excited for his last season and wants to leave high school with a legacy that motivates students to better their athletic careers. When asked if he had any regrets, Loepp responded, “The only regret I have is not joining swim my freshman year.” The first meet is December 10th against Warren Mott.