RHS welcomes teachers familiar to district

Amber Weller, Staff Reporter

Welcome back to school everyone. As summer ends and autumn starts, we say goodbye to a few of the staff members, and introduce two new ones. Initially, introducing Heidi Martin, an English teacher, who recently came from teaching over at Eastland Middle School. She teaches ninth and tenth grade English. Her teaching background includes,

“I taught in Detroit, Kalamazoo (high schools), Arizona, in Mexico I taught English to Spanish speakers, and Roseville.”

Her hobbies are yoga, running, reading, and ballet. With regards to her family, Martin has an 18 year old daughter who attends the University of Toledo and a 16 year old son who is a junior in high school. This will be her nineteenth year teaching in Roseville schools.

Next, introducing Suzanne D’Andrea, a teacher consultant and English teacher. The elementary schools she transferred from include both Kaiser and Dort, but she is still at Kaiser as well. As for being a teacher consultant, she also teaches ninth and tenth grade English. Her teaching background includes special education, K-12, learning disabilities and emotionally impaired.

“I am looking forward this year to seeing her students’ progress,” D’Andrea said.

Her hobbies include sewing, reading, cooking, and crafts. She is married with four children and she has four grandchildren. This will be her thirty ninth year teaching in Roseville schools.