Drama Society takes a new direction


Shyanne Methric

Drama students prepare for the fall performance. The Princess Plays.

Shyanne Methric, Staff Reporter

Every year at RHS, the Drama Society puts on a play during the fall, as well as a musical in the spring. This year, Drama Society has a new sponsor, Angela Houghton. She has been teaching the drama class at RHS and has now decided to run it for the second time in place of counselor Marie Oleksiak. Houghton ran Drama Society back in 2005, but decided to take a break in 2011 to focus on her growing family. In the past, she put on shows such as Guys and Dolls, Footloose, and Annie.

“Being the drama teacher, it makes sense to connect the class with the after school society of drama, establishing one program,” Houghton said. “I love drama because it’s like practicing everyday for three championships, and everybody wins. It’s a positive social environment that feels like a hobby. It’s so fun for me; I’m excited to go to drama and be creative and interact with students who are talented and hardworking. It’s very rewarding.”

Some members of Drama Society were nervous about the change and weren’t sure what to

expect, but soon realized how great the situation turned out to be.

“I was nervous at first because I didn’t know how it would be without Mrs. O, but when I went to the first meeting, Mrs. Houghton seemed really excited to work with us,” junior Brianna LeBlanc said. “At rehearsal, she throws really good ideas and suggestions at us. I’m actually really excited for the shows, I think she’ll do well.”

This year’s fall production is called The Princess Plays, which consists of three smaller plays: The Lost Half Hour, The Princess and the Princess, and Twice Upon a Time. The Drama Society will debut their hard work on Nov. 5 and 6. Along with this, there will be a morning and evening showing of The Princess Plays on Nov. 7. Before the first performance that day, there will be a “royal tea,” where children of all ages can come to meet the cast while they’re in character, take pictures, as well as get their autographs. There will also be refreshments and crafts before the show begins.

At every rehearsal, the Drama Society members are prepared and ready to work hard. All of the students as well as Houghton are dedicated to putting on a good show, as well as having fun while doing it. It’s a club full of welcoming, dedicated students who are excited to be able to show their friends and families what they’ve been working on for the past few months. The club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.