Local experiment turns into global movement


Jenna Stanley

Marketing teacher Jeff Verkeyn shows off one of the MADE bracelets.

Jenna Stanley, Section Editor

RHS’s marketing and business teacher Jeff Verkeyn has recently started the “Make A Difference Experiment”, (MADE), which promotes positive communication and general domestic cooperation through a system very similar to that shown in the movie Pay it Forward, which depicts a student who creates a global movement based on acts of kindness. MADE is a program that involves passing bracelets along to others after doing or seeing acts of kindness to show how widespread your kindness can become.

If you receive a bracelet, you will see the movement’s website (www.madetracker.com) and a tracking number stamped into the blue rubber on the bracelet. You are then to enter in your bracelet’s number, which will register the location, allowing you and others to see where it is and where it has been.  So far, the bracelets have been recorded in states throughout the country, including Alaska, and even in France.

“The idea for the bracelets came around about three years ago, the purpose is for it to be a more interactive way to spread positive reinforcement, like a more in depth version of the hallway hero program,” Verkeyn said.

 “I received a bracelet from helping someone out. I think the bracelets represent a very cool concept and help people better interact with each other.” John Mitchell, senior, said.

The bracelets, and the positive message they bring with them, continue to make their way across the world, showing us how small it is after all.