New athletic director meets exciting challenge

Lucinda Vang, Editor-in-Chief

The 2015-2016 school year has started, which means a fresh start and a new beginning.   The same thing applies to RHS’s new athletic director, Dennis Borse.

Borse has been teaching in Roseville for 14 years now.  He found out that he was the new athletic director at the end of July, and he says that it is an exciting new challenge for him.  Borse says that it is completely different from being a teacher to the new athletic director, as the demands and expectations are different.  He says more (accomplishments) will come with time, as he is still getting to know people and understand the demands of the job.  His goals for the year is to revise the student athletic handbook, plan alumni events, and organize programs to get additional fundraising.

“I’m excited and it has been educational. I’m looking forward to making an impact on the athletic department,” Borse said.

He also mentioned that he does miss being in the classroom, but he is overjoyed that he is still able to be involved with the students and in the classrooms.