Excitement, disappointment kick-off school year

Tony Dombrowski and Troy Frank

On Friday, Sept. 11, the rivalry game between RHS and Lakeview High School kicked off with “football frenzy.” Earlier in the week, two nominating contests were held, one by Channel 4 news and one by Channel 9.55 radio station, and the event earned the most votes for each.
RHS students and teachers were up bright and early to participate in a pep rally with live television broadcasts of the school showing their school spirit. After a fun and hype-filled morning at school, it was time to prepare for the home game held at 7p.m. that evening. The game resulted in a 28-0 win for the Panthers. What no one expected was to find out the following Tuesday that RHS had to forfeit the game to Lakeview due to a non-roster player coming into the game late in the fourth quarter. The surprising loss left many wondering, how this could happen. There is only that can be done, and that is to move forward.
“I made the initial call to MHSAA,” athletic director Dennis Borse said. “I was required to self-report the issue. The punishment would have been more severe if I hadn’t. I talked to Lakeview about it, and they said that they wanted no part in the victory by way of forfeit. They said that they respected our players and liked the way we played the game.”
Borse talked to the players soon after the news of the incident broke. He tried to send the message that there are many obstacles in life that need to be overcome in order to succeed.
“(It was) a mistake that happened that we can’t take back,” senior quarterback Evan Gates said. He then went on to give words of encouragement to his fellow teammates. “(We) got to move forward and stay focused on the journey we want to complete. Now when we work towards our ultimate goal, it will be much better when we go through these obstacles,” he said.
“(It was) sad, but it will test their (the players’) character,” head coach Melvin Richendollar said.
“It’s like getting knocked down and hopefully we get back up, recover, and continue to play Roseville football,” senior center Thomas Butler said.
Even though the Panthers’ record is currently 1-2, as long as they continue playing like they have been the past three games, a winning season is within reach.
Borse also made a statement to all of RHS concerning the incident. “I felt horrible about it for the entire week, but it was something that had to be done,” he said. “Sometimes adults do some things, but they are completely unintentional.”
Last night’s opponent, L’anse Creuse North, had a similar situation last year and forfeited four games. On Friday, the Panthers lost to the Crusaders 50-16.