Thirteen years of goodbye

Kayla Harvey, Copy Editor

After a long 13 years, RHS seniors are walking their final steps in high school. Roseville has offered so many opportunities for over a decade to these soon to be graduates, and many of them have taken full advantage and are now going to great places. I cannot imagine not walking these halls anymore; I still think of walking through the halls of elementary school as a kindergartener, like many of you probably do.
I started out in Warren Consolidated Schools for my first two years, and
I never belonged. I was always the odd one of the group and nobody ever wanted to play on the swings or play hopscotch with me, so I always played alone. My brother, Tj, went to school with me also, but after numerous times of us both getting in trouble for things we did not do, our parents pulled us out to go to Roseville schools. Tj and I went to Arbor Elementary until I was in fourth grade and Tj moved to middle school. In the two years I went to Arbor, my reading level shot up to a middle school level, and continued to increase every year there, that is the Roseville education.
Fourth grade was the year that truly changed my outlook on school; I loved going, and it was my escape. I switched schools from Arbor to Fountain in fifth grade, and only knew my younger sister who now went to school with me and was my only friend. That was until I broke a well liked classmate’s leg and ended up being put on safety squad with him to become friends after he was out of his cast. That is where I met the person who I have had my longest bond with, even to this day. I met Trevor, and many that know me also know him, seven years later. Without elementary, I would not have had the knowledge, discipline, and friends that I have today.
I went to Roseville Middle School, which I owe everything to the staff there. Anyone who went to RMS and knew me, knew about my long hair, I was known even then for my luscious locks. Middle school is where I discovered my love for science, thanks to Mr.Goff who helped me even on the times I got annoying and on the days I used, “We have a track meet today, I need a nap to do good,” to get out of assignments, which never did work. Mr.C, the counselor at RMS, was my rock, he knew how to help me before I even told him my problem, and for that I am forever grateful. At RMS, I discovered the most simple yet most important rule; be yourself, because nobody walks in your shoes but you. I remember in eighth grade, I called my mom crying because I was scared to go into high school, I was so tiny and I was scared my brother and his friends were going to put me into a locker as a freshman. I was constantly scared of “freshman week,” getting lost in the school, and teachers hating me.
When I did enter RHS for the first time, I was probably the most cliché freshman, scared and small and lost. Luckily, my brother was a senior at this time, so he helped me out a little; the teachers helped a lot. I had a great freshman year, better than I imagined. When I was a sophomore, I switched to Fraser, which made me appreciate RHS even more. I switched back after two and a half weeks, thanks to Mr. Hedemark being so understanding. Ever since, I have been doing my work, competing with varsity cheerleading, running and throwing for track, and making memories I will never forget. I look back and think, where do the times go when I was playing duck duck goose, or playing goal defender? Why was I so tall now, and when did I actually grow into my ears? I look at my prom pictures and think back to when I was all dressed up for my very first day of school, or compare my senior pictures with all my grade school pictures, time goes by so fast your last year. The best advice I could ever give RHS students, is take advantage of everything. Make great friends, I have some of the best ones you could ever imagine. Join sports and clubs, you might not enjoy practice, but you will love it in the long run, and be yourself. You will regret everything you did if you graduate pretending to be someone you are not. Roseville has given me the chance to become who I am, and to love that person.
A special thanks to all my teachers, I appreciate you all, but Mr. King, Mr. Clulo, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Marzec and Mrs. Drouin, thank you for pushing me and making me be a better person. Thank you for shaping me into the soon to be graduate and setting me up for success at EMU this fall.
Mr. Hedemark, thank you for always seeing me when you were busy and making me laugh and being so understanding, no wonder my family loves you.
My friends thank you for standing by me, through everything. Kye, Trevor, Juli, Emilie, and Justin, thank you so much for always being there, I love you all so much.
To all the underclassmen, take over my life when I am gone. Join the cheer team, it was the best decision I have made to try out, and track taught me to push myself, get the most out of your high school experience. Newspaper has given me the opportunity to become a better writer and person, and meet some of the most inspiring and understanding people, print is not dead.
As I plan on telling teachers goodbye, sending my best friend back to her country, Trevor off to the army, and friends off while I go to school, I will always remember the day I was walking into RHS for the first time, and now in less than a month, I will be walking out of the doors that I have considered my second home for the past four years. I will never forget the memories from homecoming, prom, ACT, lip syncs, or the amazing staff as I take the biggest leap in my life by going to college. You have prepared me for these next four years as best as you could Roseville, and once again, it is all up to me to choose my path and reach my full potential.