Editor’s last farewell


So before you go and think this is going to be a long story or anything, I just want you to know that it is not. This is going to be the first time I get to express myself in our own school paper, which is very unusual for me to do. I usually just write school related stories or sit behind the computer and spend hours working on layout and Photo Shop, piecing our paper together to make each story fit on the pages. This is the one chance that I get to tell you about how I spent my time here at RHS.
I started high school thinking that it was going to be similar to what you see in the movies, but when I walked into RHS I realized that it wasn’t. I will be honest with you that I didn’t like being in a new school the first few weeks. I was nervous about what it is going to be like starting high school and whether or not I was going to get lost trying to find my classes. But in reality, I never did because the school in my eyes appeared a lot smaller than what I thought it was going to be.
At first, I had no idea where I belonged or who I was. I started running cross country my freshman year, and still had no idea where I belonged. I came in knowing that I would still have a few close friends from middle school. But then, I met more and more people throughout high school. To this day, I am still close with a few people that I have met my freshman year. I am grateful to have wonderful people as friends. I would like to mention Alaric, Michelle, John, Karli, Jonah, Joe Heaton, Rachel, Nikolai, and Andrew. I would also like to mention my wonderful boyfriend, Joseph, for putting up with me for the last 10 months.
Newspaper, cross country and band have also taught me to work with people that I may not be able to get along with in any way, but I would like to thank those people for teaching me a life lesson. This will help me in the future.
Mrs. Drouin, I would like to thank you for putting up with me for two hours a day everyday this year. It meant a lot. I would also like to thank you for letting me vent to you about my problems that I have had throughout the school year. I have no idea who I would go to if I never had gotten the chance to know you. You made me become the person I am today. I cannot thank you enough for that.
Coach O, and my cross country team, I could write a whole novel about you guys if I were allowed to do so, but Coach O, you were the best cross country coach in the entire world. You pushed me through your crazy workouts that you knew that I didn’t like very much, but they were worth it. The one thing that your workouts taught me was that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to even if the task is near impossible to do, which is the one thing that I will take with me everywhere I go.
Mr. Chesher, I would personally like to thank you for introducing me to the bassoon. I never thought that double reed instruments existed.
Now it is time to say goodbye to RHS and walk across the stage to receive our diploma, and take that next step.
Thanks to the work ethic that RHS has instilled in me I plan to purse the following goal: I will be attending Macomb Community College for two years, and then transfer to Oakland University to major in Physical Therapy for six to eight years to receive my doctorate’s degree.